Scott MacNeill

Back in US

We arrived back in the U.S. on Saturday night and stayed over night in NJ. Sunday morning we left NJ for RI.

We had an amazing time on this trip! Czech Republic is a beautiful country full of culture and history. Sadly, two weeks was not nearly enough time to dive into all that Czech Republic has to offer. When we left Czech Republic on New Years day and traveled into Germany we were sad to be leaving Czech. It will be a time to remember for both Jess and I.

Our favorite city in Czech Republic was Olomouc. Olomouc has so much style with its old buildings and more than enough Gothic churches. The people were unique and friendly and the city just felt cozy, considering it was only 19 degrees Fahrenheit there.

Our favorite place in Czech Republic overall was Loket. Loket was this cute village with a castle situated in the forest and mountains. Total Zelda experience! I was compelled to find the Master Sword.

Our least favorite place in Czech Republic was Brno. Brno is a great place if you are into shopping. Its downtown area was a bit to posh for Jess and I and they had an over abundance of H&M.

Some of the highlights of our trip included:

A traditional Christmas in Munich. We had so much fun and felt very welcome with our friends.

Snow on Christmas day.

Ridiculously cheap beer in Czech Republic!

Amazing pizza from a country that we did not know even ate pizza.

So much cobblestone. It was a love / hate relationship. It hurt so good!

New Years celebration in Prague.. nuff said!

Snow on New Years Day.

Traveling while pregnant. Redefining bathroom breaks!

The amount of ridiculously drunk people falling down escalators, stairs, out of doors, into streets and the occasional pub patron who just couldn't find the exit to go home.

I have included some pics that highlight our trip below. Enjoy!


Munich Rathaus (city hall)
Angel of Peace Statue in Munich, Germany
Munich Christmas Markets at Marienplatz
BMW Headquarters in Munich
Deggendorf, Germany
German Countryside
German Village in Mountains
German Forest in Mountains
Zwiesel, Germany
Bayerisch Eisenstein, Germany
Železná Ruda
Bohemian Forest
Bohemian Forest
Southern Bohemian Village
South Bohemia
Plzeň Town Square
Wierd shop names in Czech
A Cafe in Plzeň
Harry Potter in Czech
Gardens around Plzeň
Village of Loket
Village of Loket
Village of Loket
Village of Loket
Village of Loket
Village of Loket
Chimney's in Loket
Litoměřice Town Square
Big Tree in Litoměřice. Wierd..
Town of Litoměřice, Czech Republic
Litoměřice Town Square
Terezín Crematorium used during WWII.
Terezín Jewish Cemetery behind Crematorium
Terezin Concentration Camp
Villages in Western Bohemia
Krásenský hill Lookout Tower
Village of Horní Slavkov, Czech Republic
Hrad Trosky
Northern Bohemia
Sound Barriers in Hradec Králové
Moravian Sunset
Moravian Sunset
Olomouc Town Square
Streets of Olomouc
The Pizza Bat in Olomouc. Best Pizza!
More Interesting Shop names
Downtown Brno
Clothes are Cheap in Czech. This outfit is $50 bucks!
Statue in one of Brno's many Town Squares
Spilberk Castle Gardens
Roads to many Great Destinations
Brno is under madd constructions. So annoying!
Back in Bohemia
Central Bohemia
All Roads Lead To Prague
Staré Město (Old Town)
Prague State Opera
Prague Castle
Church of St Salvátor