About Aperture

Aperture is a collection of travel journals kept by Scott and Jessica MacNeill. We both started traveling in our young adult years and met while traveling in Orange County California. Since then we have had many adventures together and always wondered if most people really knew what was out there, what we see when we are out there. To stand on what feels like the edge of the world and look out beyond. To see the beauty that surrounds us first hand. So we decided to put together this collection of journals so others can follow our adventures from their homes and use our notes, maps and photographs as an inspirational guide for their own travels.

During the times we are not traveling our past journals will be accessible from Apertures home page. Once we embark on a new adventure we will list that adventure at the top of Aperture's home page then add entries while on the road. Our journals are also syndicated using RSS 2.0 technology and can be easily followed using an RSS 2.0 compatible reader. We are always integrating new technology's into Aperture to aid others in tracking our travels and keeping up to date with where we are.

We hope you enjoy our journals as much as we did keeping them. You never know where the road may lead you but it has always left us in awe.