Scott MacNeill

Happy New Year from Prague, Czech Republic

Happy New Year 2009!!

It is 1:20am in Prague and we just finished celebrating the start of the new year. We started in the Old Town Square and then to Malá Strana. We welcomed the new year from Mánesův most which is the bridge directly north of Charles Bridge.

Prague celebrates the start of the new year with fireworks. The city puts on a fireworks display but they only add to the demonstration put on by the locals. Fireworks are legal in Czech Republic and are available in every corner thrifty mart. At midnight everybody in town and outside town starts to set off their fireworks. It was very fun to witness this from the center of river. After the new years celebration is over (roughly 20-30 minutes) everybody starts rushing for the metro which remains open till 1:30am on New Years day. At one point the train we were on was so crowded I though we would never find the door.

Tomorrow morning we are leaving Prague and traveling north through Děčín then back to Germany where we will visit Dresden and then arrive tomorrow evening in Berlin. I will post more pics and info about our time in Prague then.


Charles Bridge at 15 minutes till midnight
New Years in Prague
New Years in Prague 2


New Years celebration in Prague



A map of our traveled path.