Scott MacNeill

Back In Stockholm

Today was the first day we actually had a sunny day in Visby or for that matter Sweden. After I posted my last blog entry last night we got slammed by a storm in Visby that brought in wind gusts at almost 100mph and we were right on the water. The wind was so bad that you could not even stand on one place. The roofs in Visby are all made up of clay shingles and shingles were flying around everywhere. What a killer night! Well this storm brought some beautiful weather in today making it a great day to remember Gotland.

We left Gotland early this afternoon and arrived back in Stockholm at 2:00pm. We spent the remainder of the day walking around the shopping district, taking pictures, and sampling more local cuisine. We had an early dinner at a total dive then spent the remainder of the night bar hoping in search of some killer Swedish micro-brew. We found some good beer, but at $10-$15 a beer we were quickly cashing in.

Tomorrow we leave Sweden for home. We could definitely use another week here if not a month. Sweden is a huge place! I will post a blog once I am home that will sum up our trip to Sweden. I will also post some pics that highlight the experiences we had.

Sweden is such a fun place. We will definitely miss it!

Here are a few pics from today:

Beautiful Day in Visby
Finally Some Sun in Visby
Leaving Visby
More Stockholm
One of The Many canals In Stockholm
Sweden Parliament at

We Found A Hidden Staircase in an Underground kafe
The Moon Over Stockholm
The Oldest Street in Stockholm
Stockholm from our Balcony

Date: 2008.02.23


A map of our traveled path.