first day in sweden

Our first day here; it has gone bye so fast yet we have seen so much and have learned so much about the city of Stockholm already. My biggest fear about traveling is that something will go wrong with the flights,we will miss our connecting flight, or that they will lose our luggage. Today, however, proved my fears wrong. Our flights went very smoothly, we arrived in Reykjavik early so we had no problems making our connecting flight into Stockholm, there was no taxiing on the runway for hours, and our bags actually came out together! It was a great flight. We were then able to figure out the SL card that would give us the capability to take any bus, train, or subway in the city. I am not so used to different forms of public transportation but this city makes it surprisingly easy. We checked into Langholmen, the prison we will be staying in for the next 2 days, and it is exactly as I pictured; small but great. Oh yeah, to see pics of these things you will have to visit Scott's blog because I have no idea how to put in the pics :) We will explore this prison a little more tonight, and maybe visit the museum tomorrow.
A map of our traveled path.