Scott MacNeill

Back in USA

We arrived back in RI on Sunday night and thanks to ANOTHER run in with the Department of Homeland Security we didn't get home till nearly 8:00 p.m.

We had a great time in Iceland and one day we would like to go back to travel the eastern and northern regions.

Before we left Reykjavik to travel the region on Wednesday we actually got to experience Sprengidagur which an Icelandic / Finish holiday that resembles U.S. Halloween. The children dress up and go door to door singing different songs for candy. It was very interesting. This holiday is celebrated every 3rd Wednesday in February.

Before we left on Sunday we stopped in at the Blue Lagoon for one last swim which made the flight home more relaxed.

Below are several pictures that highlight some of our travels. Enjoy!

Hallgrimskirkja Church and Leif Ericson
The Blue Lagoon
Jessica enjoying The Blue Lagoon
Sprengidagur (Similiar to U.S. Halloween)
Waterfall at Atlantic Divide (falls off North American Continent)
Jessica next to Waterfall at Atlantic Divide
Waterfall at Atlantic Divide
Strokkur Geyser in Geysir
More Strokkur Geyser
Geothermal Pools in Geysir
The Glacier Langjokull (second largest in Iceland)
The Glacier Langjokull
Jessica at Gullfoss Waterfall
Gullfoss Waterfall
OMG Iceland is Effin Windy!
Barron surroundings of Hekla the Volcano
At foot of Langjokull Glacier
Snowy Iceland Interior
Kerio Crater
South Coast of Reykjanes
South Coast of Reykjanes
Driving on South Coast of Reykjanes
Seltun Geothermal Field
Seltun Bubbling Geothermal Pools
Searching for the wee folk at Hafnarfjordhur
Iceland Mountains
Iceland Mountains
The Glacier / Volcano Snaefellsjokull in distance
Iceland Mountains
The Glacier / Volcano Snaefellsjokull closer
Iceland Sunset
Iceland Mountains
Iceland Mountains
Iceland Mountains
Iceland Mountains
Iceland Mountains
Iceland Mountains
Jessica in Reykjavik
One of our Favorite Kaffe's in Reykjavik


A map of our traveled path.