Scott MacNeill

Reykjavik, Day 2

Ok real quick. I'm beat.

Went out to Reykjanes Peninsula today. All of it black lava rock. Nice!

Went to Blue Lagoon for most of the day. The Blue Lagoon is generally a big geothermal pool. I'm not really into the public pool scene but this was pretty cool!

After finishing up a late dinner, Jess and I decided to try our luck and look for the Aurora and we scored! Over Reykjavik bay we spotted what would probably be an unimpressive aurora for locals but not for me. I couldn't get a picture but maybe I will later.

Tomorrow we are leaving the city and heading out to Geysir. We got a truck and we are hitting the road! We will be staying on a farm outside of Geysir so I am not expecting connectivity but who knows.

Mount Esja
Hallgrimskirkja Church in Reykjavik
Fried Sheeps head anybody?
Reykjanes Penninsula
The Blue Lagoon
More Blue Lagoon


A map of our traveled path.