Scott MacNeill

Back in Berlin, Germany

Ok I am back in Berlin and after 3 days without a shower I feel great. I somewhat got used to non-western based society and feel like I am in Disney land right now. Berlin is a killer city though.

Tomorrow I start my journey home. I can't wait to sleep in a bed again ;)

Note: I got my lock blade on the airplane in Czech and Ukraine and the Ukrainian security chick demanded "Put it in your pocket". Haha so much for security.

Here are some more pics:

Kiev, Urkraine
More Kiev, Urkraine
and More Kiev, Urkraine
Independence Square. Where Orange Revolution took place.
Beth's Building in Korsun
Spring where Beth gets her drinking water.
Everybody needs a little Lenin
Beth with Alissi and Viera (spelling?)
Beth, Posha, and I having a few drinks.
Beth's favorite bridge in Korsun
Scout is so cute!
More Scout
Scout pummels Carlos
Brandenburg Gate at nite

Date: 08.09.2006


A map of our traveled path.