Scott MacNeill

Kiev, Day 3

Got back into Kiev, Ukraine this morning. Found some tasty internet at Borispol. Heading to Prague, Czech in about 40 minutes then to Berlin, Germany from there.

Ukraine is insane, nobody speaks English and they look at you like there is something wrong with you. If Beth was not with me I would have been so lost.

Last night we had dinner with her host family Alessi and Viera (spelling?). They are amazing people, we had such a good time. I finally got to taste salo (fried pork fat) it was an experience.

Here are some pics up till I got to Ukraine. Tonight I will post more.

Brasov, Romania from summit of Tampa mountain.
Brasov, Romania from summit of Tampa mountain. 2.
Bran Castle, Romania. This is Draculas castle. (not the real one though)
Another shot of Bran Castle.
A hidden staircase inside Bran Castle.
Carpathian Mountains, Romania
Moon over Carpathians.
This is Romania on the borders of Ukraine and Moldova.
Ukraine! No welcome, just Ukraine!
Grandfather says look at the premium country side.

Date: 08.09.2006


A map of our traveled path.