Scott MacNeill

Kiev, Ukraine

Ok, I found internet at the Peace Corps office in Kiev so I will post more shizzy.

We arrived in Bucharest, Romania at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday and our Train out of Bucharest was delayed 3 hours. So now our trip time was increased to 33 hours.

Bucharest is not what I expected. The city has old communist buildings everywhere. These buildings are called the "House of the People". The ex-monarch Nicolae Ceausescu build these to house the people of Romania. This building project leveled a very large portion of Bucharest. The trip was suck, I spent half my weekend in transit. But the Romania and Ukrainian country side is amazing. (see pics).

Today I had Ukrainian Chinese food.. whateva!

Beth and I are heading to Korsun later this afternoon. I doubt I will be lucky enough to find internet access there. I will be in Korsun until early morning Wednesday. From there I will come back to Kiev, spend some time here and they fly to Berlin. I will be in Berlin for the remainder of the day and fly out Thursday. I will post again from Berlin.

Note: I cannot upload any pics. Peace Corps system policy will not let me.

Date: 08.07.2006


A map of our traveled path.