When planning for this trip we wanted to do something different, something that would yet again challenge our lifestyle. We decided to spend our favorite holiday, Christmas, in Europe. We broke with our routine holiday traditions involving family, friends and American Christmas spirit to find a new definition of what has become a long standing favorite time of year.

We set out for Munich, Germany on December 22, 2008. We have a close friend who lives in Munich who had invited us to spend the Christmas holiday with their family. After the warm, cozy holiday celebrations with friends we departed for our journey across Czech Republic. Czech Republic is a nation full of rich culture and a fantastic history. Yet again most of our knowledge of Czech Republic came from various novels. Well our expectations of a fascinating and mystical place were met spot on. This Christmas will always cast a new light on our traditional holiday celebrations. This is our journal, our description of a yuletide of holiday merry making.

On this journey we passed through the following countries:

Our travel route is shown below. We will update our current location frequently.

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